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Stolen Land!

Be prepared to refute the following which is what Jews and Israeli’s will try to tell you IS THE TRUTH:

– In 50 years 820,000 Jews have been ethnically cleansed from 10 arab countries. They claim these communities went back 3,000 years! (lol)

– “Mass displacement” (their words!)  of Jews from Syria, Trans-Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco who they claim lived in refugee camps without any compensation from Arab governments who confiscated their possessions (they said the Nazi’s did this to them too).

– They claim this amounts to >$300 billion of property and deeds to 100,000 square miles of land. (That’s a lot. Five times the size of “Israel” today! Ha)

– This is 320,000 more than the “Palestinian” Refugees but they say no-one knows about them!? (We do)

– They claim the U.N has made more than 100 resolutions about the Arab refugees but not one about Jewish refugees from Arab countries (Hard to believe!!)

They will talk to you about this. Watch this clip first:

mandate2 mandate

The answer:

Consistently boycott goods and mention “Stolen” land. This is the basis of our campaigns and WILL have the desired effect of deligitimising Israel.

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