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Multiple Sclerosis Drugs

Multiple Sclerosis Drug – Copaxone:

Claimed to be “The Leading Multiple Sclerosis Therapy” (Yeah right!)

“For many MS sufferers, Copaxone is the drug of choice because it makes them feel that they can deal with the illness and continue living their lives.”

The important thing is: It was originally discovered by Professor Sela, Professor Arnon and Dr. Teitelbaum at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

Multiple Sclerosis Drug – REBIF Interferon:

The claim: 80 percent of the estimated 700,000 MS patients worldwide are treated with interferon.

Quiets down the immune system and reduces attacks by over 50%, and it also reduces the disease’s progression rate.

We say – ISRAELI

  1. The problem here is that this drug is one of the ones that is better than other ms drugs, I have a friend with MS and this was the better choice. REBIF Interferon is quite bad, you only do your research online therfore your arguments are making people who believe this stuff rubbish. Who cares if it was discovered in israel? This really doesn’t do a thing, you are perhaps giving some muslim a poor life if they listen to your drivel.

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