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Apartheid State

Be prepared for Zionists to ell you:

– In 2010,  180,00 Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip entered Israel for medical treatment irrespective of ability to pay (sounds unbelievable)

– In contrast, Mohammed Nabil Taha, 11 year old Palestinian died at the entrance to a Lebanese hospital in April 2011 (they allege due to his family being too poor to pay)

– That even terrorist bombers in Israel, if still alive, get the same medical treatment (So Israelis really are not so smart)

– Arab Supreme Court Judge Salim Joubran (maybe he is Arab but probably only let him as his name sounds like “Jew” 🙂 )

–  Dr. Omar Baraghouti one of our leading advocates for this Boycott received his Doctorate in Tel-Aviv (Zionist) University (well they allowed him in so why shouldn’t he?)

– Arab brother Mohammad Barakeh is a member of the Israeli Parliament (and…)

– Reda Mansour, Israel’s Ambassador in Equador, 2000 and Consul General in the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta (err WHO??)

– Walid Badir, Israeli football star, playing on Israeli National Team (well is only football)

– That Nelson Mandela never called Israel an Apartheid state and that it is a creation, a hoax, of a man named Arjan El Fassed who has allegedly admitted that he made the whole thing up. (hmmm .. well we can’t ask Madiba can we?)

– That Druze soldiers serve in the Israeli Defence Force:

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